We are adding more pamphlets. Political Notes 8: Preaching to the Unconverted attempts to recruit more writers for Political Notes.

It is perhaps mainly of interest as a historical insight into Libertarian Alliance publications in the early 1980s. It does also recomend learning about libertarianism by reading The Machinery Of Freedom: Guide To A Radical Capitalism, by David Friedman, which remains good advice, and contains other still-relevant advice:

However, do not bully the reader with nags to the effect that he is either a libertarian of exactly our type or a worm. Distinguish between telling him what libertarians think and telling him that he also should think that. The “libertarians believe” (“socialists reject”, “Christians proclaim” etc.) technique is a good one, because it lets the reader stand outside the debate, while still learning what it consists of. He can take sides if he wants to, but need not. Remember, ideas are often spread by those who profoundly disagree with them, but who understand what they are and describe them accurately to others.