We are adding more pamphlets. Foreign Policy Perspective number 27: The End of the Cold War and the New European and British Disuinionism predicts, in 1995, that without anything to be against or for now that the threat from the USSR has retreated, there is little enthusiasm for European unity. Britain and other countries may leave. Furthermore, Britain may break up for similar reasons. Including:

The story here is one of transformed global communications, which make the average crofter in the Western Isles of Scotland as well informed about the world as the average senior civil servant in London. London no longer feels to the Scottish crofter like a connection to the world; it merely gets in the way. Ditto the average American and Washington, and the average Russian and Moscow, and ditto everywhere else. The number of independent nations looks like increasing rapidly, as each little place bids to deal with the world in its own preferred way.