We are adding more pamphlets. Publishing Without Perishing describes the publishing strategy of the Libertarian Alliance, and therefore how all libertarian organisations should do their publishing. With photocopiers and not printing presses, at least until they get web sites; or perhaps for longer.

The printing press creates frazzled nerves and hysteria wherever it is relied upon. “Going to press” is always a frantic leap into the unknown. Who knows what the reaction of “the public” will be? Will they buy the thing, or will we be plunged towards penury? Will it be full of grotesque typographical errors? Will someone calmly and unanswerably explain that the thing is just plain wrong? But the photocopier, provided it is not used merely as a substitute printing press, creates no such anxieties. You can slowly ease your “publications” onto the road like small buses, instead of hurling them into the sky like giant space rockets.

In doing so it compares (not entirely favourably) American libertarians to British ones, and the publishing and funding strategies of other ideas-spreading organisations: the IEA and the ASI.