We are adding more pamphlets. Comrade Blimp remembers David Low’s cartoon Colonel Blimp, notes that the stereotype no longer holds true, and argues that many on the left share similar attributes.

An extraordinary proportion of leftist rhetoric is now of this peculiar stylistic kind. Reagan is wrong, because he was once a cowboy film actor. Thatcher is wrong, because she wears her hair blue. Young Conservatives are wrong because they wear suits, talk in funny voices and play tennis.

Another example:

In general, the use by leftists of the word “fascist” to describe absolutely anyone who disagrees with them, including believers in the ideas of individualism and individual liberty (which were and are constantly and explicitly denounced by real fascists with extreme clarity and ferocity) reveals an amazing contempt for the English language, and for coherent thought generally.

This kind of rhetoric can not get far.

Blimps make a tremendous amount of noise. That’s their nature. But when the Blimps have become too old to raise hell, or have simply died off, what then? The truth stands starkly revealed. For all their caterwauling, they were convincing only each other, and merely antagonising everyone else.


Insofar as there is now, still, any intellectual substance to socialism (and do not confuse being a professor at a university with having intellectual substance) then socialism will continue to be a problem. There is some, so it will. But there isn’t much.