We are adding more pamphlets. Today, Anarchy vs Anarcho-capitalism. Brian takes on anarchists who are offended by the libertarian concept of anarcho-capitalism. The difference:

Anarcho-capitalists unite with other anarchists in condemning the state, but differ completely from most anarchists in that they believe in property.

And what happens without property?

By destroying all institutions based on any kind of property rights, and thus also destroying the overwhelming majority of mankind who are now sustained by these institutions, many kinds of property rights could indeed be dispensed with, most notably in land. The surviving remnant of mankind could roam as nomads. (They would still, I think, insist on owning their spears.) Some anarchists do not realise that this is the inevitable consequence of the ideas they propose. These people are, to put it with extreme politeness, monstrously stupid. Others want just such a holocaust, and about people like this it is hard to be so polite.