This section of the Brian Micklethwait Archive is for material celebrating Brian’s life: testimonials, reminiscences and tributes.

Please contact with your memories of Brian for publication here.

IEA event

On September 3rd 2021 the Institute of Economic Affairs hosted an event entitled The Life of Brian: A Reception to Celebrate the Life of Brian Micklethwait in Brian’s honour at their headquarters in Lord North Street, London.

At the event, formal speeches were given, which I have transcribed.

Following this, the microphone was passed around and many people spoke about Brian and his influence on their lives. I have begun to write some of these down and am in the process of writing down the rest.

Quotes about Brian

You’re the inspiration to make me believe I could really do it. – Mark Littlewood, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs

Brian has made a difference. He has inspired all of us, in our different fields, to make a difference and to continue fighting for classical liberal and libertarian values. – The Lord Kamall

So many people have told me their ideas got firmed up as a consequence of attending Brian’s Fridays, starting them down a path they might not have otherwise taken. And that is a legacy of incalculable value. – Perry de Havilland

He is the most beautiful mind I have ever known. – Professor Tim Evans